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Lolas store


Years ago, when David Ortega was a 15-Year-old teenager working at Perez Family Restaurant in Santa Rosa, California, he couldn't keep his eyes off the Mexican bakery next door and dreamed of someday opening his own place. "I'd go over to look at the bakery and think, One day, I'm going to open up something like this," Ortega says now. While the road ahead required patience and many years of hard work, his dreams of running a bakery ultimately exceeded his youthful expectations. Today, Lola's Market is a 6 store operation with fresh bakery, deli, meat, and produce as the cornerstones of one of the leading Hispanic grocers in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. There are two Lola's Market stores in Santa Rosa, one in Healdsburg, one in Napa and one in Petaluma, the newest location in Vallejo which opened in 2013. We can compete with anybody. Freshness is the signature of Lola's Market in the bakery and other perishables departments, and the bakery runs 16 hours a day, seven days a week. They specialize in the authentic hand-crafted sweet bread. Modeled after a typical pueblo bakery, the bakers here use traditional methods and fresh ingredients to create sweet breads and pastries of exceptional quality.

Lola's Market promotes the fact that is one of the few remaining scratch bakeries, where all ingredients are weighed out, mixed and baked on the premises. "People know our commitment to freshness is the key." Ortega says. "The secret is to stay true to your roots and serve everything fresh."

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